The Reverse Your Diabetes Cookbook - signed copy
The Reverse Your Diabetes Cookbook - signed copy
Following on from the success of their bestselling book ‘The Diabetes Weight-loss Cookbook’ Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi are back to guide you through how to reverse the progress of Diabetes type 2 and bring your blood sugar levels down to normal.
In 2012, when Katie discovered her husband had type 2 diabetes, she set about transforming the family diet to low-carb – creating recipes that all of them could eat and enjoy. Her dishes were as enjoyable as those they were eating before, gave them all more energy and made Giancarlo feel well again. As a result of the changes she made to his diet, he lost almost 4 stone and the symptoms of his diabetes were reversed.

Today, Giancarlo’s diabetes is in remission and in this inspirational new book, Giancarlo and Katie, along with nutritionist Jenny Phillips, share their personal experience of weight-loss and reversing type 2 diabetes for good. Packed full of mouth-watering low-carb dishes using easy-to-source, inexpensive ingredients, the book shows how adopting a reduced carbohydrate diet is all about eating fresh, natural foods that don’t overload your bloodstream with glucose from sugar and starch. With recipes to address common pitfalls, such as food on the go and take-to-work lunches, alongside fakeaways providing healthy alternatives to takeaway favourites, this is food to fill you up without fattening you up.