The Diabetes Weight-Loss Cookbook - signed copy
The Diabetes Weight-Loss Cookbook - signed copy
A Life-changing Diet to prevent and Reverse Diabetes Type 2
In their latest book Katie and Giancarlo guide you through how to halt the progress of diabetes type 2, lose weight and bring your blood glucose levels down to normal by sharing delicious new ways to think about food. 
Following Giancarlo’s diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, the Caldesi family adopted a low-carb lifestyle and the book is packed with recipes they have developed and love to cook.  The science is simply explained by nutritionist Jenny Phillips. After answering questions in the book you will be able to plot your diet plan on their unique CarbScale. The recipes use easy to follow and use inexpensive and easily-sourced ingredients that will help reduce your production of insulin. Giancarlo says “this book saved my life” as during the years of research and experimentation he reversed his symptoms and lost over 20kg!
With medical help from Dr David Unwin, who is a firm advocate of the low-carb diet, the couple share their knowledge and experience to empower you to make your own informed decisions about diet, encouraging you to eat foods in their natural form, choose the right foods for you and ditch the processed foods so that you too can enjoy good and lasting health.
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